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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You can win this!

Another PASS IT ON card in up for grabs. In a few days I’ll pick a winner from the comments left. You will find here my wishes for how I feel these cards need to be used.

Leave me a comment and share what type of cards you use the most other than birthday cards. Is it get well, miss you, encouragement, sympathy, just because or other suggestions? I will look forward to hearing your ideas.
Have a blessed day, Kathy


  1. Kathy,
    I LOVE this idea and what a great way for you to minister and encourage others minister... I think this is such a great 'idea' that God gave you!! Cheri Wofford

  2. Beautiful! :-) I want to win!

  3. "Kathy, another beautiful card:-)
    Thank you for using your talents to touch the hearts of others. May God bless your ministry.
    Polly Thornhill"

  4. Pregnancy congrats card! :) My neighbor has a history all to familar; she was told she would never conceive without IVF, then had the IVF and lost the baby. Then they started the adoption process and they became pregnant before they could complete the adoption. (that was 4 years ago) This year, they started the adoption process again this past summer, and again, she is pregnant before they can complete the process. :) She recently told me about her pregnany while I was sharing our adoption start, so I want her to know that I am happy for her! No matter the circumstances.

    These cards are awesome!

  5. I love to get encouragement cards! They always make my day! Love what your doing!!

  6. Hello,

    What a wonderful idea ! It has been too long since I have seen His words on cards.

    So many people need the encouragement He can give !

    Gayle VB in Maine

  7. You are right! God knows we need conviction from the Holy Spirit, not condemnation - and encouragement from each other and prayerful support. His Great Commission said it all. Love God with all ya got and love everyone else as He loved you first. THANK YOU for witnessing this to me - it made me smile to remember this and makes me want to get stuff like this right out and make a bunch of loving, encouraging cards tonight at our local free crop.


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