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Monday, December 28, 2009

Twitter winners

I received an email from the first winner of the stamp set Dawn Greene, but did not hear from any of the others. So the new winner of the calendar is CarlyUSC and the new winner of the note pad is paintingfun. I’ll be looking for emails from the three of you with mailing addresses so I can get these in the mail to you.

Here is a new card, leave your comment on this post and I’ll pick a winner on Friday, January 1, 2010!!

If this is your first visit to Pass It On you can read how it was started and what our mission is for the blog
Can you believe we are starting a new year??
I had a wonderful Christmas and hope you all did too. I have got so many new things in store for Pass It On starting in January. See you soon. Blessings to you and your family,

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's Try Again

I have not heard from any of the three winners from this post so I am putting these gifts up for grabs again.

If you sign up to follow me on Twitter

Facebook (Kathy Thackston Robinson, Greenville SC)

post something on your blog about Pass It On

I’ll put your name in the hat for a drawing of the prizes shown below!! Handmade Notepad

2010 Handmade Calendar

New set of Hampton Art Clear Stamps

If you were a winner email me and I'll remove the gift and send it to you. If you signed up the first time I'll be putting your name in twice when I do draw the winners.

I will be drawing a winner Monday December 28th. That gives you a lot of time to help me get the word out about Pass it on.

Together we can encourage others with a very small thing like a card. It is a FREE way to "Pay it forward" and let other see Jesus in you.

If this is your first visit to Pass It On you can read how it was started and what our mission is for the blog.

Please leave me a comment here on this post if you did any of the three things to join in the drawing.

Merry Christmas!! Kathy

Card winner

Proudmoms said... "Lovely Job as always". And she is the winner of this card. Email me with your address and I'll get it to you. I would love to hear your story of who the Lord puts on your heart to send this to. Thank you for your support.

Hope everyone is having a good start to your weekend. We are having a snowy, icy night here in the south! Stay dry!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A card for this week

This is the new card to be gifted to someone who leaves a comment on this post.
If you have not read the story of PASS IT ON read it here, but make sure the comment is left on this post for this card. I will pick the winner Friday evening, December 18th.
Thank you for helping me encourage others. Kathy

Twitter winners

I am so excited with all extra people following me on twitter now. I am drawing for the prizes now but after this if you follow me I’ll send you a free card. So keep the tweets coming.
The winner of the notepad is 2ScrappyChix, Theresa Merkling
Winner of the calendar is collageartist, Claudine Hellmuth
Stamp set winner is dawngreene, Dawn Greene
Congratulations to you all!!
Email me your mailing address and I’ll get your gift in the mail to you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Follow me on Twitter

If you sign up to follow me on Twitter
I’ll put your name in the hat for a drawing of the prizes shown below!! Handmade Notepad
2010 Handmade Calendar

New set of Hampton Art Clear Stamps

Sorry it's been so long but we have a winner

I am sorry I have been a really bad blogger. With a combination of guest, traveling, computer issues, and my fibromyalgia flare ups, blogging has been taken a back seat. But I am going to do better. And I have some new things in store for the blog.

The winner of this card is Christi H. (cgl1539) thank you for your comment. Email me your address and I’ll get it out it you.


Monday, November 23, 2009

New card

This is the card for giveaway today. Leave me a comment and I pick the winner Friday. Still looking for emails from the winners from this post. Check to see if you are a winner. You can always read the story of PASS IT ON here. Happy Thanksgiving!! Kathy

Tons of winners!!

Wow I have a long list of winners to announce today and this is my favorite part of doing the blog!! (I am using to pick these winners.)

The winner of this card is Debbie her sweet comment was... “What a wonderful way to pass it on to others. I'm so happy I found your post and will surely be visiting quite often. There are so many that need God's blessings and it is a privilege to be able to share” Debbie, thank you for the sweet things you said about my cards and I hope to see you here often.

On the post OWH Blog Hop I had prize one a K & Company 6X6 paper pad the winner is Holly at she said... “Please tell your son how grateful we are for his service. Your cards are almost as good-looking as he is ;).”
Thank you Holly I think he is very handsome too!

Prize two Inkadinkado Clear Stamp was won by Cassie she said... “A special thank you to your son! I'm so humbled by people who choose to serve in our Armed Forces.”
Cassie I think humbled is the best way I have heard it put, thank you,

Prize three a Stamplogy Black Stamp Pad was won by SuzAnn she said... “Your son is a handsome boy. Tell him thanks for his service and I will keep him in my prayers. Your cards are very classy. Thanks for supporting OWH.”
SuzAnn, I will give him the message and thank YOU for your support.

It was not in the picture but I had three stamp pads to giveaway so the 2nd Stamplogy Black Stamp Pad goes to Dixie her comment was... “Prayers for your son and my nephew and our soldiers everywhere. Thanks for sharing your talent.”
Dixie, prayers are the best thing we can ever do for them, thank you.

The 3rd Stamplogy Black Stamp Pad goes to Doris she said... “Lovely cards! What a great ministry to our military. My heart goes out to all with family members in service to our country.”
Doris I agree OWH is the best. Thank you.

Ladies please email me your address and I will get these things in the mail to you.
And don’t forget to… Pass it on. Kathy

Friday, November 20, 2009

You can be the encouragement someone needs!

Do you have someone that the Lord has put on you heart and may need an encouraging word. I would like to help you send that encouragement to them.

This card I made could be used to tell someone you love, how thankful you are for them or help them a have a bright spot in their day. It is blank inside for you to write the words the Lord puts on your heart.

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I’ll pick a winner on Monday. Read this and you will know how PASS IT ON started and how we feel the cards can be used.
Be sure to also look at Di’s blog and Janet’s blog who help with the PASS IT ON project. Email me here if you want to join our little group to make cards and help pass on a blessing to others.

Take a look on the side bar and remember the prayer request we have had come in. I would like to add those requests you have, just email me here.

It is still not too late to leave a comment on this post and win one of the prizes from the blog hop last weekend. I'll be picking the winner on Monday for those prizes too. We had such a great turn out for the OWH blog hop. I have already mailed my Anyhero cards and received an email from Sandy at OWH . She said they are on their way to one of the hundreds of our heroes serving around the world.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to pass on the love of Jesus.

Thanks a million, Kathy
I have put a link on the side of my blog to the Real Women Scrapbook Blogabration.

There are gifts and prizes Tasra will be giving away. You can see the list here and she will be updating it very often.

List of prizes

Tasra has been a great supporter. Read what she had to say here on her blog about PASS IT ON. And I have been a fan of her blog from it's start. If you have not read her book you need to take time to do so. Maybe add it to your Christmas list or books to get at the library list. It makes you think not only about crafting in a different light but also many other areas of you life.
Thanks Tasra you are an inspiration to us all.


This is the sweet comment Cindi left on my last post. Cindi you won the card and I will get it in the mail to you as soon as you send me your mailing address.
Thank you for visiting the blog.

"Your card is so soft and lovely! I have a friend who has been recently diagnosed with breast
cancer. She is very much on my heart and soul today. God bless.....Thanks, Cindi"


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do you have someone on you heart today?

This card is ready to be sent to someone you have on your heart today. Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner Friday.

Get all the info on PASS IT ON here. Be sure to come back here and leave the comment on this post.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stacy, the blog hop and a busy blog!

Stacy Stokes you have yourself a free card! Thank you for your comments and support for PASS IT ON. I'll mail that to you soon.

I had a really fun time with the Operation Write Home Blog Hop this weekend. You can still leave comments here to win the prizes.

I also had a very nice surprise with this post on a very busy blog all about PASS IT ON. Thank you Tasra!!

I'll post a new card Tuesady Morning.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Operation Write Home Blog Hop

Welcome to everyone that is here from the Operation Write Home (OWH) Blog Hop.
If you want to start at the beginning go here.
This is my first blog hop and I am more than excited.
I found OWH after my son made me a military mom. After you become a military mom some things that were small on your list become big on you list. When our son was deployed to Iraq, mail became a big thing on my list. I thought if I can get some of “home” to my son in the mail it would somehow make everything better. So I made a lot of visits to our post office.

If you talk to the many men or women serving in our armed forces they will tell you the connection to home is one of the most important things to them while they are away. That is what the OWH group is all about, making a big difference in a small way. CARDS. We not only send card to the soldiers to thank them and tell them we love them and are praying for them but the main job of this group is to make handmade cards for the soldiers to send back home to the ones they love. Read all about OWH here.

I hope by now you have a tug at you heart to want to help.
If you are a card maker, start making cards here is the info you need.
If you don’t craft you can still help just look here.
But more importantly one thing we can all do daily, PRAY for our HEROES and their family back home.
The cards I have posted here I made to send to thank our heroes for all they do.
And because you have been so kind to get this far in the blog hop I have prizes for you to help you get started making cards.
K & Company 6X6 paper padInkadinkado Clear StampStamplogy Black Stamp PadLeave a comment and I’ll be drawing the winners on Monday. November 23.
My blog PASS IT ON is a blog I have just to give away my cards for others to be an encouragement. You can read all about it here. And please come back often there is ALWAYS something YOU can win here on PASS IT ON.

Your next stop on the hop is
You will be so impressed with the Joscie beautiful work and her beautiful family. Check out her photography, it is amazing. Joscie is a military wife so she too knows first hand how important the connection back home can be. Thank you Joscie for the sacrifice you and your family make for our freedom.

And I have saved the best for last, this is our hero, the one I do this for, my son. He has just deployed again last weekend. Please remember him and his flight.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New card up for grabs!

I am a little late getting this up. Sorry about that. But better late than never!! Here is the new card up for grabs.

You can look here to see my purpose of PASS IT ON. But a reminder, when leaving a comment to win this card come back to this post and leave the comments here.

Also a reminder that we have the new Prayer and Praise list on the right sidebar. Click here to read about how to let me know you have something you would like to be posted.

I continue to get some many stories about how people are praying over the card they have won and listening to the Lord speak to them about who needs their encouragement. This is just what I had as a vision for PASS IT ON. Thank you for letting the Lord use you. You will be bless in return.

Leave you thoughts in the comment section and I'll pick a winner Friday.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

The winner of the "Just a little something" card is Leah! Send me your address and I will get that in the mail to you.

I also still have not received any word from the winner Angelwolfstorm from Thursday's card.

I have had a very busy and emotional weekend. Our son left Friday for his deployment. Please remember him and his flight in your prayers. We have been traveling all weekend and just got.

I hope you all had a wonderful day in the Lord's house and have a good night's rest. I'll post a new card in the morning.

Do something for me if your children are close go hug them and tell them you love them and are very proud to be there parent. I wish my were here to do that.

Blessings, Kathy

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prayer Requests & Praise Reports added to blog

I have had people ask for us here on the PASS IT ON blog to pray for them or they have friends or family they would like to have prayed for. So I am adding a prayer request list on my blog. I will add a sidebar on the right. If you have special prayer request please email me and I will add the names and the information to this sidebar. I am a firm believer in prayer. The Lord hears our words and requests.

But I will also be adding a praise report list to the blog, also on the right sidebar. Because as much as I know God wants to hear our prayer request and will hear them. He also loves it when we tell him THANK YOU and praise Him no matter the answer of the prayer. And there will be one of 3 answers to our prayers from the heart... Yes, No or WAIT.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phillipians 4:6

I am receiving blessings daily from you the readers. Thank you for your love and support for PASS IT ON.


Just a Little Something...

I have a new card to offer you. I have a new set of stamps that I am really enjoying because you use buttons with it. And I love old buttons.
This card has Numbers 6:24-25 inside but still has room for you to write your own message.

You can look here to see my purpose of PASS IT ON. But a reminder, when leaving a comment to win this card come back to this post and leave a comments here.
Your comments are such a blessing to me. I hope the cards have been a blessing to someone. Thank you!! Also be sure to look at the other two PASS IT ON blogs listed on the right sidebar.

Good night, Kathy

Winner of this card is Angelwolfstorm

Angelwolfstorm is the winner of the card I posted on Saturday. Email me your address and I get it in the mail to you. Thank you all for your comments and support of PASS IT ON. I will have a new card soon.
Blessings to you and your family, Kathy

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have a new card for some lucky winner. I had Thanksgiving on my mind when I made it. But I think it can be used anytime because we need to be telling our loved ones how very thankful we are that the good Lord gave them to us to love.

Make it a point to tell someone you are thankful for them before the weekend is over.

Have a good night, Kathy

New winner

Winner... Kristi Varner
I used I have not tried it before I would write the names down and do the old draw out of a hat trick. So I feel so up town using this site.
Thank you Kristi for you sweet comment. Email me your address and I'll mail the card to you.
I'll have a new card up very soon.
Have a great Halloween weekend. Kathy

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday's New Card

A new card for you to have, just leave a comment and I'll be drawing a winner this weekend.
The inside has Numbers 6:24-25
May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He smile upon you.
Be Sure to check the other PASS IT ON blogs also giving away cards.
Blessings to you and your family, Kathy

New winner, New member to blog list and YOU!

Thank you all for the kind words and support from everyone. Your support for this new adventure has been wonderful.

Jackie you are the winner of the card posted Monday. You should receive it in your mail very soon.

I have not heard from the last winner lv2scpbk and do not know of another way to get in touch with her. If anyone knows her please ask her to send me her address. If I don't hear from her by the end of the week I'll pick another winner for that card.

I have TWO people that have joined me in this ministry. I have listed their blogs on the top right sidebar of the blog. Check out their sites and you may win a card from them too. Welcome Di and Janet to PASS IT ON!

We invite anyone to join in the adventure. The blessings you receive from giving back is a very special feeling. But we can't do this alone we need YOU. We have to get the word out to as many people as we can. We need people to open their hearts so the Lord can speak to you about who needs some words of support at just the right time. As only He can do. Let the Lord use you! You will never know how a small thing like a card with a personal message from you can make a HUGE difference in some one's day.

Also don't forget if you add the PASS IT ON button (located on the right sidebar) and/or have a post on your blog about PASS IT ON I'll send you a free card. Send me a note with the link so I will know to send you a card.

I'll post a new card later today. Until then let's get to work getting the word out! I am always open for suggestions on what I can do to improve the blog and how to spread the word!

As I close what good is a blog post with out pictures... here is my picture of the day...
My beautiful family, the loves of my life.

Have a blessed day, Kathy

Monday, October 26, 2009

Win this and Pass it on!

I hope your weekend was a much fun as mine was. We got to spend the whole weekend with our grandchildren. They were so sweet, we had a wonderful time and did not want it to end. But they had to go back to school today so we had to return them to their mom and dad.

I promised a new card today and here it is. Read "Working Together" to find out how you can win and brighten some one's day. The verse in the card is

Romans 8:28... "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose"

I also told you I had some great news about the blog. I received an email from Di. She found the blog and knew at once the Lord had answered her prayers. This is her story. I was so excited to have her join me in this ministry I almost did a little dance! Although we have never met and live hundreds of miles apart we already have a bond. We are brainstorming on ways to get the word out about the ministry. If anyone has suggestions or ideas please let us know. Also we would like to invite YOU to join our group if you feel the Lord calling you. Email me here and I'll help you get set up. Thanks again for your support and prayers for the PASS IT ON ministry.

Have a blessed day, Kathy

Saturday, October 24, 2009

lv2scpbk is the winner!

lv2scpbk is the winner of the card posted Thursday.
I was so excited with all the comments and so glad so many people feel that the Lord can speak to others through a small thing like a card. I'll be posting a new card on Monday and I have some very exciting news about the blog. Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kala you get a card to "Pass it on"

Kala I will get this in the mail to you ASAP. Thank you, I am sure the Lord will use you to brighten some one's day.

Here is a new card leave a comment and I'll let you know who gets this one Saturday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Phone call new winner and free cards to everyone…

I receive the sweetest call from Mrs. Lytle telling me she received her card. It really warmed my heart. She said she knew just who it was meant for. That too made it all worth the time. Thank you Mrs. Lytle for you kind words and letting the Lord use you.

I have a busy weekend with visitors. So much joy they bring to our house.
But I am a little late posting a winner. Kelly you get card # 2. I don’t have your address so send me an email and I will get that out to you. Thank you Kelly for taking time to read and post a comment, I know how busy it is to be a mommy of little ones.

I have a weekend deal to make with you. If you have noticed I have a button on the right side of the blog. For anyone that sends me a link to your blog where you have added the button, I’ll mail you a free card. The button links back to this blog and will hopefully help get the word out to more people. A shout out on your blog would be super too.

And the last but not least the picture of the new card to win. You will find here my wishes for how I feel these cards need to be used.

Blessings, Kathy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You can win this!

Another PASS IT ON card in up for grabs. In a few days I’ll pick a winner from the comments left. You will find here my wishes for how I feel these cards need to be used.

Leave me a comment and share what type of cards you use the most other than birthday cards. Is it get well, miss you, encouragement, sympathy, just because or other suggestions? I will look forward to hearing your ideas.
Have a blessed day, Kathy

We have a winner!

Mary Lytle is the winner of the first card. I could not have been happier when Ben pulled out her name. Mary I have your address so I will get that in the mail to you ASAP.
Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I feel good about the start of my little project.
I know we can brighten someone’s day…together.
I will have a new card up very soon. And you may be the next winner.

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Card

Here is the first card you can win. Read this and leave a comment. I'll pick a winner later in the week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Working Together

I have been praying for the Lord to use me in a new way. I feel that He has led me to this idea in hopes that lives will be touched by a very small thing in a very big way.

There are many hurting people out in our world who need to know someone cares. They need to know the love Jesus has for us and the love we have for Jesus.

I am asking you to go on this mission with me.

I’ll be making cards and posting them on this blog. You leave a comment. After the card has been up for a few days I’ll pick a random winner from the people that have left comments.

The card will be mailed to the random winner picked. And this is when you go to work.

Think and pray about who needs to receive this card with a special handwritten message from you. Maybe it will be a family member in the hospital, or a friend that has lost a job, someone who just found out they have cancer, a member of our troops serving around the world, a shut in. The list could go on and on and on.

This card will be handmade with love and free to you. Your job will be to PASS IT ON!

Watch for the first card very soon.