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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cards added to the project

This are just a few of the many cards I have been making to add to the project I have been working on. You can find out all about it and how you can help and win cards here. 



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Cards for you and others

Leave a comment and I will be drawing a name and mailing one of these cards to the lucky winner. I'll draw the winner Friday, Oct 29. And the others I be taking to be pasted out at a local Cancer Center.  You can read my plans here. If you are interested in joining my card drive email me here.
Thanks for your support. Now go make an appointment for your mammogram if you have not had one this year. It may just save you life. It did mine!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Little things can make a very BIG Difference

Today begins Breast Cancer Awareness month. As so many of you know I am a breast cancer survivor. I started my chemo 7 years ago this Oct 3 without a doubt it was one of the most difficult times of my life. I was scared, I felt alone (even though I was never alone, I always had my wonderful husband with me no matter what I was having done).
I wonder why me. I wanted to shout from the top of a building “doesn’t everyone know what I am going through? Stop what you are doing; life is not the same it will never be the same”. But the world just kept on going. The sun came up everyday and life went on.

But there was a time of the day that I always look forward to. Mail time. I loved getting cards and mail for my friends and family. It was a little sunshine in everyday for me.
And I got many. I got tons. I still have every one of them. I will still get them out occasionally and just look through them.
I received cards from people I had known all my life and cards from people I have still never meet. And they are all so very special to me, but for someone to take the time to send me a card that did not know me. That touched me. That touched me deeply and I have never forgotten it.

Because of this I would like to start collecting cards to give to the many women fighting breast cancer now, today, and the many days to come. I will make as many cards as I can but I also want to have many made by, you the wonderful, special followers of Pass It On. I will still be making cards to give you to pass on. But I’ll make two at a time. The other I will be adding to the collection to pass on to a breast cancer patient.

I still go to the same oncologist in the same building where I took chemo. I see many just like I was 7 years ago, going in there scared, feeling alone, wanting to just go home and for everything to be back to normal.

I can’t do that for them but with your help we can give them a little bit of sunshine to take home with them. We can let them know we are thinking of them during the very difficult time. We can let them know so many of us have been there and we made it through. And they will too.
And when they make it through they too can Pass It On to others.

These special ladies don’t need to hear from us during just during October because it is Breast Cancer awareness month they need to hear from us all year long, every year. And I have not done a good job with my part at all. But I am telling you today I want to do better.
Will you join me? It is a small thing I am doing, I know that but I remember 7 years later the small things done for me.

I hope you will join me in this fight. It’s a fight of a LIFEtime for so many people that woke up today. One out of every 8 of you reading this will be touched by Breast Cancer. Your life can change overnight with the 3 words “You have cancer”.
Please join me in helping others.
Email me here if you are interested in helping.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Family Fairy Tale

First to give you a little background…

Over 26 years ago we had a beautiful but very tiny set of twins, a 4lb 4oz little girl and a 4lb 9oz little boy. Our very tiny boy was extremely sick, and we were told his chances of living were much lower than our tiny baby girl. But they both were fighters. And almost 5 weeks later we brought them home.

They have continued to be fighters and have overcome any and all obstacles put in their path. Just as their siblings, they are both beautiful and wonderful adults today. Blessed to be their mother I almost burst with pride every time I look at any one of them.

That once 4lb baby boy is now a Sr. Airman in the USAF, and on September 6th, surrounded by his parents, siblings, new in-laws and a few close friends, married his sweetheart of 9 years in Manarola, Italy.

It is almost impossible to put into words the things I have seen, felt (emotionally and physically), experienced, received and given over the past two weeks. So the words will be few because in this case the old phrase "a picture is worth 1000 words" is so very true.

But I will give you a few words and thoughts to go with the pictures…

A new daughter!!!!!
All of my children under the same roof for days
New extended family
Many new friends
Cinque Terre
Countless smiles and a great deal of laughter
Fantastic food
Treasures to remember our trip
Italian words added to my vocabulary
Lost luggage
Lots of history seen and learned
Seeing new things through the eyes of my adorable granddaughters
New stamps on my passport
And many, many cherished memories

But then again as I said the pictures (in no special order) will do a much better job of helping you understand this chapter of our lives.

Mr. & Mrs Layton,

We love you both and are so happy we were able to spend this family fairy tale with you.