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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Phone call new winner and free cards to everyone…

I receive the sweetest call from Mrs. Lytle telling me she received her card. It really warmed my heart. She said she knew just who it was meant for. That too made it all worth the time. Thank you Mrs. Lytle for you kind words and letting the Lord use you.

I have a busy weekend with visitors. So much joy they bring to our house.
But I am a little late posting a winner. Kelly you get card # 2. I don’t have your address so send me an email and I will get that out to you. Thank you Kelly for taking time to read and post a comment, I know how busy it is to be a mommy of little ones.

I have a weekend deal to make with you. If you have noticed I have a button on the right side of the blog. For anyone that sends me a link to your blog where you have added the button, I’ll mail you a free card. The button links back to this blog and will hopefully help get the word out to more people. A shout out on your blog would be super too.

And the last but not least the picture of the new card to win. You will find here my wishes for how I feel these cards need to be used.

Blessings, Kathy


  1. I posted a link on my blog and on facebook!


    I don't know how to add the button on wordpress, but I do have your link! :)

    Kala K.

  3. I don't have a blog,but saw this and knew my mother-in-law could benefit from this card.She is always helping out at her church.Currently she is heading up their Pumpkin Patch,and is their many hours during the week to oversee sales,storytime and crafts and hope she has enough volunteers.Thank you for this ministry.Susan Steinke

  4. I love that verse. I know so many people who would enjoy and need that verse. We all get so busy in our lives and forget to just be still and know that God id God. Once we do that, everything calms down and things go in a Godly perspective. It is so imporatnat to remember that especially when you are going through a hard time. A wonderful card.


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