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Friday, May 14, 2010

A reminder to you and me of why we have PASS IT ON

I am a SAHW/M (Stay at home wife and Mom) with a big focus on the STAY AT HOME because of several health problems that have become worse the past few years.
I love being a wife to the most wonderful husband anyone could ever ask for and children that are a blessing sent from God. But my husband works all day and my children are grown adults now with a life of there own.

I have always been taught that the Lord gives you gifts, talents and jobs to do to bring glory to His name. I worked with children for many years and know that was a gift the Lord gave me. But because of my health I can no longer do that.

I also believe that the Lord does not close a door without opening a window.
So I did some soul searching to find out what my open window was and
that is how PASS IT ON was born.

This is how PASS IT ON works…I design and create handmade cards that I post on my PASS IT ON blog. I post a card you leave comment. Some days there may be one comment some days there are 100 comments. But from those comments I use to pick a winner. I mail you the card absolutely free.

I mail you the blank card asking only one thing. That you open your heart to the Lord to know who He would have you send that card to… who needs an encouraging word? Who needs to know they are loved? Who need to know they were thought of and prayed for today?

There is a whole world out there that needs to know WE love Jesus and that Jesus loves them.

I know it is a small think, I know it is a VERY small thing but who said God can’t use small things??

Will you help me PASS IT ON?

I know I have been away from the blog for a few weeks but I am back and this reminder is as much for me (if not more) as it is for you.

Thank you for you prayers, support and participation.

See you very soon with new cards for you to Pass It On,


  1. Welcome back. I love visiting your blog and for the reminder to Pass It On.

  2. We all, no matter how much we love God, need to be reminded of this from time to time. Thank you for that! Blessings, Louise Fox

  3. Neat blog! I love those stars posted below.

  4. Thank you!! I too have been forced to be a stay at home. My kids are all grown up so I just take care of my other kids (dog,cat, hamster and husband). Can I send you a card? Is that possible?


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