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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 Things

This really has nothing to do with making cards, Pass It On or even crafting but I wanted something fun to get you involved in the blog.
For everyone that answers these “Five Things of five things” I will mail you a handmade card!!
Post it in the comment sections here, or as a post on your blog or facebook just be sure to give me a link if you put it somewhere other than here in the comments.

Have Fun!!

5 things I am looking forward to
-Jordan coming home
-Getting my new “daughters”
-Traveling to Italy
-Traveling to Texas
-Seeing the Browns and Brocks this weekend

5 things I did this yesterday
-Bought this fabric to make new curtains for small bath
-Found the new Tim Holts Sizzix and they were on SALE..

I bought this one..

Made these to put up in one of my newly painted rooms! -Bought a new book about sewing
-Can you tell I went shopping?

5 Things I wish I could do
-Sleep better, or never need to sleep
-Be able to see all my children everyday
-Read minds
-Blink my eyes and get wherever I am going because I hate to ride in a car.

5 Places I plan to or I would like to travel:
-Italy (going in Sept.)

-Texas (going in Dec. for the 2nd time)


Now it's your turn...


  1. Alright KRob, this is gonna be long:
    5 things I am looking forward to: celebrating our Risen Savior this weekend, sleeping through the night for the first time since August 08, going to see Wicked next month, meeting Miss Atalie one day, our beach trip this summer with two boys!!
    5 things I did yesterday: prayed with our small group for this coming weekend, went to bed early, went Easter shopping for the first time for my boys, played with Zeke outside, bought a bday present for my neice
    5 things I wish I could do: sleep, sleep, sew, sleep, sleep (HAHA)
    5 places I would like to travel: Greece, Ireland, Africa, Australia, China
    5 things I have found online lately: Project 52, that I can visit the museum here for free one afternoon a week, Go Fish Guys are having a sale right now (check them out if you need good kid music), MckMama blog, a local cloth diaper store

    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Thanks Courtney, that was wonderful. I enjoyed reading it. I'll get you a card in the mail. It there a special one you would like to have?
    BTW I love to see all the pictures on you blog of the boys. I hope I will get to see them before they start school!!
    I will call when we are at Libby's
    Kiss the boys from Grammy, love Y'all

  3. 5 things I am looking forward to:
    seeing my mom on Saturday
    spring really being here no more chillies
    hearing that the retinal reattachment hubby had is totally done healing, and his vision is greatly improved
    HOPEFULLY seeing my son the end of May
    My workers comp finally settling

    5 Things I did yesterday
    finished the last OWOH prize
    took a nap
    made some ATCs
    fed the geese and the cats
    cleaned up the kitchen

    5 Things I wish I could do:
    I wish I did not get hurt and become disabled, as I REALLY WISH I was still working...I miss my work terribly, i LOVED scanning people!
    Go wherever I want, whenever I want (I no longer have a car of my own)
    Had the ability to time travel
    spoil a grandchild (I do not have any yet, and my children are 22 and 23 so it is not time yet)
    get everything fixed in this house by the end of this year

    5 Places I would like to Travel to:
    Rome, Italy
    South Dakota
    France, Paris...but also the countryside
    Anywhere in the Carribbean

    5 Things(can't say they are cute) I found online today:
    I was awarded the Sweet blogger award
    This game
    Notes of thanks from our heroes
    To vote for a cause for "member's projects" at Amex even if you are NOT a cardholder (and I am not)
    some new sketches

    thanks this was fun.

  4. I made a Five Things post at




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